36 Street North Food Truck Park Invigorates Former ‘Food Desert’ with New Location at Historic Northland Shopping Center

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Tulsa, OK—June 30, 2022

36 Street North Food Truck Park Invigorates Former ‘Food Desert’ with New Location at Historic Northland Shopping Center


Tulsa’s newest, hippest food truck park, EAT36STN, has officially debuted its new location at the historic Northland Shopping Center in the heart of the Phoenix District, revitalizing a food desert into one of the best outdoor places to grab lunch this summer.

Located north of the booming Greenwood District at 36th Street North and Hartford Avenue, EAT36STN is a welcome addition to the rebirth happening throughout North Tulsa. Visitors can’t miss the bold EAT36STN sign at the food truck park’s entrance, designed by Humble Assets and painted by local graffiti artist and muralist Chris Sker. Even before the move, Tulsans have been heading to the Phoenix District to enjoy great food. 

The EAT36STN food truck park is part of a larger effort to bring new life to the Phoenix District through Tulsa’s Vibrant Neighborhood Partnership—a community-driven partnership between the City, community partners, and local residents to improve neighborhood infrastructure and encourage new developments.

Tracie Chandler, CEO of the Phoenix Development Council which exists to bring the 36th Street North small area plan to fruition, is thrilled to see EAT36STN leading the way in bringing a greater variety of food, entrepreneurship and community spirit to the 36 Street North Corridor. “When we surveyed residents both in the District and around the city, they told us that a variety of food options are highly desirable here” explains Chandler. “Food brings us together, food is great for the community, and it’s a great tourist attraction.”

Creating a home for EAT36STN at the historic Northland Shopping Center is a dream come true for the project, which launched in September 2021 with a Builders & Backers pebble grant awarded to Cheryl Lawson, a North Tulsa resident and CEO of Social Media Tulsa, in collaboration with the TYPROS Urbanist crew. “I am one of those people who when I see something missing that I wish existed, I try to build it,” explains Lawson. 

Recently Neighbor for Neighbor, which owns the Northland property, entered into an agreement with The Phoenix Development District so EAT36STN can have a home after the construction began at the original location.  The food truck park is just one of many revitalizing features being planned for the area—alongside a $24 million community center, a planned school, and more to turn the 36 Street North corridor into one of Tulsa’s most popular destination districts.

“We’re excited to be at Northland. We hope that this sparks more development and entrepreneurship in the district,” says Chandler. “This is just the beginning.”

Visitors to the food truck park can expect to eat at some tasty and inviting regulars —including Soul Food on Wheels, 918 War Room, Sugar Ruth Bakery, and Country Q. Other trucks and residencies are welcomed, and those interested can fill out an application online at the EAT36STN website.  

To visit the EAT36STN food trucks, make your way to Northland Center, located at 505 E 36th St. N., Tulsa. Trucks are currently scheduled to be there on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Visit Eat36stn.com or follow EAT36STN on Facebook and Instagram for the latest schedules and food vendors.



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