The Problem: Parts of the North Tulsa community has suffered neglect when we could be thriving.

The Idea: Bring community members and resources together to make the Phoenix District (the 36th Street North Corridor) a food destination bringing bring people, investors, and positive attention to the community and jumpstart a cycle of growth.

The Hypothesis: If we build a place where food truck entrepreneurs can park in a designated space, community members will have a place to be in the community, support local entrepreneurs, and change the narrative of  North Tulsa and 36th ST. North and to be a spark for future ideas and investment. AND eat some amazing food.

The Experiment:
Tulsa Young Professionals Street Cred, Due North, Builders & Backers pebble grant recipient, Cheryl Lawson, The Phoenix District Development Council, Crossover impact, and other volunteer organizations came together to launch a food truck park in the heart of the Phoenix District, 36th St. North.

Our Soft Launch, was a huge success and the community and food truck owners were immediately asking for more dates.

The grand opening on September 18, 2021, was the perfect #918Day activity.

Visit Cheryl’s Builders and Backers Page

Our Goals:

  • Provide access to food in the Phoenix District
  • Encourage economic development
  • Support food entrepreneurs
  • Make 36 ST N a food destination in Tulsa

How you can Help:

The Park has reopened for the 2022 season. We’re now booking trucks on all days of the week. See our  Calendar to find the best days to book your food truck.

1. We are looking for more trucks to book in the space. The cost is $25 per day for advanced bookings. (down from $35). Please share with food truck owners that you know.
2. If you would like to host a meeting or event in the space, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to make sure we have a space for the community to gather.
3. Please follow us @EAT36STN on your favorite platform(s) and share our updates and information.


ABOUT the Location: Northland Shopping Center

505 E. 36th ST N