Welcome to Tulsa’s Newest FOOD TRUCK PARK

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About the Event

  • The Tulsa HBCU Homecoming Event is a gathering that celebrates the spirit, love, and community bonds that connect past and present HBCU students and alumni.
  • This year, the event features an eclectic blend of activities including performances by local musicians, a Battle of the Bands, representatives from the Divine 9, and a food trucks featuring the world famous Slutty Vegan food truck

Photo Gallery

Slutty Vegan Takes Over Tulsa: An Unforgettable Experience

When it comes to food truck phenomena, nothing says “buzz-worthy” quite like Slutty Vegan. And boy, did they make a statement in Tulsa! Brought in especially for the Tulsa HBCU Homecoming weekend, Slutty Vegan’s two-day pop-up tour was a gastronomic game-changer for North Tulsa. The tour, coordinated alongside Historic Greenwood District Mainstreet and EAT36STN, broke barriers and smashed stereotypes about what’s possible in this community.

When Teasers Drive Traffic: The Power of Social Media

Slutty Vegan understands the art of suspense. Weeks before their arrival, cryptic posts and teasers peppered social media, generating hundreds of comments and shares across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. By the time the truck’s wheels hit Tulsa soil, the city was more than ready; they were ravenous.

Location Secrecy: The Big Reveal

Slutty Vegan keeps the location under wraps until just hours before the event—a brilliant strategy that had Tulsans on the edge of their seats. Whether parked in front of Driller Stadium or set up at our very own EAT36STN Food Truck Park, each location was a resounding success, with lines stretching long despite inclement weather.

Breaking Stereotypes: North Tulsa Stands Tall

The location choice also defied preconceived notions about North Tulsa. For many, the idea that a nationally-acclaimed food truck would set up shop here was unthinkable. Yet here we are, and the turnout was a testament to North Tulsa’s potential as a food destination.

Looking Ahead: Until Next Time

Slutty Vegan’s Tulsa tour was more than just a food event; it was a cultural moment for our city, amplifying what’s possible when community, culinary excellence, and clever marketing collide. We hope to see them back and, in the meantime, continue to provide a platform for such dynamic, community-enhancing events.

EAT36STN is proud to have been part of this groundbreaking experience. Browse through our photos and social media embeds above and below to relive the excitement. And, of course, stay tuned for what’s coming next!